Who we are

IDEA Networks & Communications Limited is an innovative & remarkable company that provides IPTSP to several areas of Bangladesh utilizing internet and Wi-Fi technology. IP telephony represents an efficient and inexpensive technology that will make a difference in the way that company approaches to their clients easily and in the near future, its allow people to communicate smoothly in a more efficient way. IDEA will be able to provide a quality service with broadband internet connection and call charges are much lower than other telephone operators in the country for both domestic and international field.

Our Capabilities

What we do

We work with clients to energize the entire organization. We help companies design & structure in our organization to best support the strategic objectives of the business as a whole.

Examples of work capabilities

Digital is capable to provide any kind of corporate solution based internet. It’s connect the internet Wi-Fi, GEPON, hotspot and also cable.

Featured capabilities

Our company transformation training modules clarify roles, responsibilities and core processes for the leadership and front line of each function.

Capability management frameworks

Capability in organizational planning, strategy and investment. The inventory of business capability the products and services that an organization offers to the market.

Marketing & sales capabilities

Maintain the client’s requirement and fulfil their demand in a systematic way.

Capability value contribution

Some capabilities directly contribute to the customer value proposition and have a high impact on company financials. These “advantage capabilities” are shown in the digital connectivity world.

Our Mission

Idea network is a largest cable company in Bangladesh. We will delight our customers while meeting their individual communication needs anytime anywhere. Our quality services and customer’s satisfactions are the key causes of giving us an opportunity to survive in this business sector. The mission of IDEA Networks is to advance communication, technology and security across Bangladesh. IDEA Networks enhances economic growth by meeting the mission-critical needs of our country’s education, research, health care and public service communities.

Our Vision

IDEA Networks is committed to serving as the leading Internet, tale communication, security surveillance and network service provider for entire Bangladesh. We strive to fulfill a critical role within the success of our country by enabling citizens to cross country boundaries and reach around the world. We accomplish this vision by keeping pace with ever-changing technological advancements and by being the first to deploy those technologies across our country. We envision our customers’ needs even before they do and foster early adoption of advanced networking technologies. By providing leading-edge innovation, we empower our customers to create their own paths to success and improve their lives and the lives of those they serve.