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IP Telephony

IP Phones are sometimes called VOIP Phones or Broadband Phones or SIP phones. These are all the exact same thing and are based on the principal of transmission of voice over the internet, or what is better known as VOIP technology.

Voice over internet protocol

VOIP stands or Voice Over Internet Protocol; it is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection. VOIP or IP-Telephony allows you to call anyone who has a telephone number- including local, long distance, mobile, and international numbers. It also allows you to use a raditional phone connected to a VOIP adapter, use Desktop IP Telephone Set or use Mobile application for Mobile VOIP.

Internet Protocol Telephony Service Providers (IPTSPs) can provide voice services the same way as other telephony company does. IDEA has been awarded with the prestigious IPTSP license in Bangladesh from BTRC in September 2010, to carry out Voice services over the internet (VOIP) all over Bangladesh.

IP Telephony Service or VOIP has become popular largely because of the cost advantages to consumers. IDEA’s IP Telephony calls can be placed across any internet in Bangladesh that is connected to the National Internet Exchange (NIX/BDIX). IDEA has the number scheme as 09633-xxxxxx (Six Digits) and call charges are much lower than other telephone operators in the country for both domestic and international.


Soft Phone

A Soft Phone is a VOIP software program or making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose desktop computer or a laptop. A Soft Phone is designed to behave like a traditional telephone, appearing as an image of a phone, with a display panel and buttons with which the user can interact.

IDEA offers a customize Soft Phone with the brand “Just Dial” that allows you to talk using Internet without necessarily having a physical phone set. It is a piece of software, that acts as an interface allowing you to dial numbers and carry out other phone functions using a mouse, keyboard and a microphone.


Desktop IP phone set

IP Phones are sometimes called VolP Phones or Broadband Phones or SIP phones. These are all the exact same thing and are based on the principle of transmission of voice over the internet, or what is better known as VolP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.

Desktop IP Telephone looks the same as normal landline phones. You can call on any mobile or land-line phones all over the world and vice versa.

IDAE’s Destop Ip telephone has the following features:

  • Full duplex hands-free speaker phone.
  • Support Call forward/ transfer/holding/ waiting / 3 way talking.
  • Support Phone-book 500 records Incoming calls/Outgoing calls/Missing calls. Each support 100 records.
  • Supports Voice Codec G.711, G.722, G.723 and G.729 with Echo cancellation.


IP phone adapters

IDEA Phone Adapters or VOIP Phone Adapters are one of the recent developments in IP-Telephony and VOIP Technology. These adapters allow you to use your existing PSTN telephone sets to place calls over the Internet using VOIP. Because of these adapters, adapting IP-Telephony is not much different today than using a regular telephone service. The IDEA Phone Adapter allows your IP Telephony service to “act like” a traditional phone – you hear a dial tone when you pick up the phone and dial the number and start Chat.

IDEA’s Phone Adapter, like many of the devices in today’s digital world, performs several functions that are required for IP-Telephony communications. It converts the analog voice signal into a digital form that can be carried over the internet through VOIP. Similarly, It must also convert the incoming digital signal into an analog one that your telephone can understand.

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Mobile VOIP

IDEA M2M Mobile VOIP (Mobile Dialer)

A Mobile Dialer is a mobile application, that allows cell phone users to make VolP calls using a mobile phone (SMART Phones) and a Wi-Fi Internet connection.The practice of making and completing calls using this method is often referred to as Mobile VOIP Or mVOIP. Mobile VOIP plays an important role in Companies to reduce operational coasts or by individuals who simply want to save money on their monthly cell phone bills.

IDEA has introduced “IDEA m2m” Mobile VOIP that works in any Wi-Fi Zone with a various models of Wi-Fi Compatible Smart Phone sets. Supported Platform for IDEA m2m is Android, iPhone and Symbian.


IP video phone

IDEA’s Video Phone (See Me See U)

A Videophone is a telephone with a video screen, and is capable of video and audio transmissions for communication between people in real-time. Today, it is quite common to have loved ones stationed far away from you. You might have a brother or sister studying in other city; a friend who is working in another state or even a parent working overseas.

Moreover, IDEA’s Videophones are also very useful to those with mobility issues or those who are in need of tele-educational services. Our Videophones are particularly useful to the deaf and speech-impaired who can use them with sign language.

IDEA’s Video phone provide corporate the benefits to allow a group of employees to speak directly to each other from any branch offices or distant in real time, face to face interaction.

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Our Technologies

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